Gareth Bale will continue playing a big role for Wales

Gareth Bale has been missing out from a few of the latest matches of the Welsh national football team.

Wales faced off with Ukraine and Northern Ireland on March 28 and March 24 respectively in friendly games but due to fitness concerns and Real Madrid not agreeing to see one of their star players go away and risk getting injured, Bales did not play in any of these matches.

However, even with the absence of Gareth Bale from these friendly games, Chris Coleman has announced that it will not affect the status of Bale and the role that he plays for the Welsh national side as the 26 year old player will still continue playing a big role for Wales.

“If you look at his record he is not a player who misses games unless he has to. He is not a player that says ‘you know what may be I don’t need to be there. He knows we need him whenever we can have him and if it’s possible for him to be here, he is always here.He is not a player that we look at and think ‘maybe he will, maybe he won’t,’ he always does. You know if he is not here it is not possible for him to be here.” The coach of the Welsh national football team, Chris Coleman said.

The Welsh national side are preparing themselves for the upcoming matches that they have scheduled to play.

Slovakia England and Russia are the next opponents of Wales and the Welsh squad are eager on claiming consistent victories against these teams as it would allow them to qualify into the next rounds of the 2016 Euro’s.

Those European qualification games will be taking place on June and Gareth Bale is expected to perform in these approaching matches and considering that all of his club duties will be over by that time, the Welshman should be rested by the time that these 2016 Euro’s games arrive.